yes and is:
being open
being aware
no ego
way more fun
going with the flow
giving up control
jumping in
lightening fast
a breath
a heart beat
a rhythm
finding a pattern
you do that and I’ll do that
peer pressure (the good kind)
wanting to

15 life lessons I learned from directing

1} Shake peoples hands, hug them, ask them how their day was. – It’s not all about you.

2} OUTWARD: All people are equal.

3} INTERNAL: Each person has a different set of skills and abilities and therefore cannot be treated equal.

4} Be professional. - Show up early, Be sober, see below…

5} Don’t waste people’s time. – Be organized, do some preplanning, get out early.

6} Eat before you get there.

7} Bring pie.

8} Communicate what you want done by telling or demonstrating.

9} Do your homework. – Research, research, research.

10} Make a choice.

11} Be kind.

12} Be positive – even if you are nervous that positive energy will spread and the nervousness will go away.

13} Nobody cares more than you do (and maybe you care too much).

14} Nobody is going to do it for you. – You are on your own.

15} Be open to other people’s ideas and put them into action. – This is the fastest way to get people invested.